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Craft kaleidoscopes, mandalas and more in a utopian universe that truly welcomes your creativity. Share your art on a wholesome social media and be rewarded instantly with love, followers, new shapes, color palettes and decorations for your holographic room. Enjoy your exposure, for realz!

Kaleidocraft is a sandbox art creation game set in a futuristic utopian universe where exposure is valuable for an artist.

Features & Content:

  • Create art - Create symmetrical art based on predefined shapes such as kaleidoscopes and mandalas, or just let your imagination run wild
  • Lots of shapes and color palettes to use in any way you desire; we add new shapes and colors constantly, based on your feedback
  • Advance as an artist in a kind & utopian online society; share your art with a fictional community that welcomes and encourages all sorts of art - and find out what people’s personal preferences are
  • Decorate your living space hologram with your art - arrange your favorite creations, set your wallpaper, and much more to come

You can download the Kaleidocraft demo file for free. Our plans with Kaleidocraft are to develop it with the help of our community for a long time. Since we are just two people, we are not sure we can support two communities, so currently Kaleidocraft is available as a demo and in Early Access on Steam

Watch us play!

Here are a couple of our funniest streams. We drew really ... weird portraits in Kaleidocraft, and then also depicted a Very Accurate (tm) Midsommar celebration, with bones and skulls and all - tru story! We had a great time doing these so we plan to stream much more!

We really want to see your art! 

You can send it to us directly from the game! We also are very very eager to add more shapes and colors, per your requests!

Download demo

KaleidocraftDemo0.7.0.zip 54 MB

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