Glamour Spell is coming!

Here at Valiant, we are getting valiantly ready to launch the 5th episode of Pendula Swing, called Glamour Spell! This newest episode will hit the Steam shelves on May 16, right before Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, where our game is one of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest finalists! You can wishlist Glamour Spell here.

Glamour Spell brings Brialynne to the Entertainment District. She also learns the password for the Speakeasy, which is located in the Harbour District. So in terms of areas to explore, besides walking around this brand new, rich and glamorous part of Duberdon, you will be able to:

  • indulge in extravagant shopping at the luxurious Silvergate Department Store
  • watch a surprising movie at the Cinema Metropol
  • dance* your heart out at The (illicitSilver Gate Speakeasy

Are you ready for a shopping spree?

Now running: The Adventures of Brialynne! 

Are you ready to dance?

You'll make impressive progress in your quest to guide Brialynne towards her stolen legendary axe, getting as close as encountering the very thief who stole it. His name is Kit Wings and his story, completely unexpected... and might lead to romantic endeavours should you, as Brialynne, so desire. So yes, dear adventurers, a very exciting feature we are happy to announce for Glamour Spell is the ability to romance and kiss (!!!) a character. Is Kit your only romantic option, though? Who knows?! ;)

Of course, with the addition of an exquisite Entertainment District, a cinema and a speakeasy, Brialynne might feel incline to dolly herself up**. So here's some tips: Silvergate's Department Store hosts a wonderful Beauty Parlor and an excellent selection of party dresses! 

Fancy a brand new haircut?

Sequin dresses are so in!

We hope you enjoyed these screenshots! We also just launched a trailer for Glamour Spell:

*Brialynne really hates to dance. We are thinking about teaching her, but we'll see!

**Brialynne will never really feel inclined to doll herself up. But you can!

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