Pendula Swing Episode 5 - "Glamour Spell" now available on Steam!

We are very happy to announce that today we launched Pendula Swing Episode 5 - Glamour Spell on Steam!

The fact that dwarven ale is prohibited does not mean it's not possible to find if you know where to look. Many interesting people frequent the establishments that provide it. In Pendula Swing Episode 5 - Glamour Spell, you finally get the chance to do so! This episode unlocks the Entertainment District, with all it's 1920s glamour and glory.

Glamour Spell brings you....

  • A new part of Duberdon for you to explore! This is the Entertainment District, the glamorous side of town that hosts the Silvergate Department Store and the Cinema Metropol!
  • Watch a movie starring yourself on the silver screen
  • Learn the password for the Speakeasy, which is located in the Harbour District! Once you are able to enter, you can drink, dance and be merry - the hottest swing band is singing right now!
  • Since you can go for a dance night out, you can get a stylish new haircut at the Silvergate Beauty Parlor, dare to wear the latest 1920s fashion and perhaps accesorize your brand new dress with a fancy new bag to replace your old backpack - all wares & so much more is available at the Silvergate Department Store!
  • Meet a lot of interesting new characters, such as Hespian the Wizard, the legendary (but terribly annoying) Jack The Flyboy or Oa-Crielvan Eleanor, whose character, story and quest is actually inspired by and developed for one of our fans
  • If you're tired of speaking to so many people, you can invest your time in performing a silly and slightly embarrassing task for Jack The Flyboy (new kind of quest gameplay)
  • Allow love back in your life! Some of the people who fancy you might surprise you with very, very romantic gestures!
  • ....!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! ...such as taking you to the movies or cleaning your entire house and decorating it with fresh flowers ❤
  • Unsure if you are ready to let your heart belong to someone else but your dear Taheena? You can summon her spirit and ask her!
  • Do you like balloons? We like balloons! So now there are balloons and you can actually gift them to some people to make them happy! Also - fireworks!
  • A lot more 1920 inspired fashion choices and styles that you can admire around you! This is because everyone who frequents the Entertainment District and the Speakeasy likes to pay extra attention on how they present themselves! A tip - some are also quite judgemental, so you might want to spend some serious roupols at the Department Store

Pendula Swing Episode 5 - Glamour Spell can be purchased now on Steam at the price of € 4,50 (or equivalent sum in your currency), or with a 30% via the Pendula Swing All Episodes “Complete the set” bundle 

Pendula Swing Episode 5 - “Glamour Spell” requires Episode 1 - Tired & Retired (on Steam!) which has been doubled in content, substantially improved and can be played for free!

We are very eager to finish this series and then work on bringing all of it on as well! Thank you for trying Pendula Swing and we really hope that you like it enough to try it on Steam!

/Valiant (who had the tiniest launch party with vegan ice cream just now! )

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