Pendula Swing: The Complete Journey now available AND freshly patched!

Greetings, lovely itch community!

As some of you may have noticed, on Sunday we clicked a ton of buttons and launched Pendula Swing: The Complete Journey on Steam, Humble Bundle and right here, on!  It was extremely important to us to make our game available here as well, because the experience of making the first Pendula Swing episode available here was indeed a very pleasant and welcoming experience for us - thank you!

We took a slower day on Monday and today we pushed the first patch for Pendula Swing: The Complete Journey! This patch is called 3.1.1 - you can check your version in the lower left side of main menu - and here is what we fixed:

  • some of our players experienced crashes in the Harbour District - this was likely due to the Police being overly active with prohibition, probably because we stole their Chief's painting so many times; this should now be fixed
  • Jeff Wings occasionally lost himself in conversation, which prevented some of our players to complete the main story line - he will pay more attention to you now, thus allowing you to move on
  • Giglesh'Kern seems to be the sweetheart of Duberdon when it comes to dates, so we had a chat with him and taught him how to better shoot you gazes of love and ... well, he also decided to react if you still wear clothes when you're both in your bedroom. Right - This Is Also A Spoiler Alert
  • the invitation to your cousin's wake now also serves as an invitation to the city, so make sure you grab it when you leave home
    several characters have been... called to the principal's office and we taught them how to behave a little better
  • we also fixed some typos, like the speakeasy' bartender's super sexy line "this is a test text"

While we are on Steam a lot these days - especially because we are broadcasting and because we have asked the help of our community to fill in The Great Library in the Academic District (please feel free to participate, too!), but we are also paying attention to you, awesome players! We are also sometimes streaming on YouTube and we started a development vlog, if anyone is interested! 

Stay tuned for more patches bringing new community written stories in The Great Library!

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Mar 10, 2020

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